Thursday, August 26, 2010


Most of us are in search of some instant financial assistance being given to us to help us see through the current scenario that sees a dearth of money what with a sudden unfortunate injury or some unexpected repair all popping out of nowhere and eating a huge slice of your monthly salary. This happens more than once and every other month to most of the people.

All the more in these testing times it becomes even more difficult for one to deal with things. This is where an Instant Decision Loan comes to the rescue for one may simply apply for it and depending on if he is suitable or not may get through t he process. But the loans come in various types. There are Instant ‘Payday’ loans that one may apply for in case of some urgent electrical repairs in the house say of around £900.

This is where a Instant Pay Day Loan comes into play that has to be paid off when the next salary arrives. Then again for the ones needing a larger amount of loan may also opt for other traditional Personal Loans.

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Young People in search of a loan no previous credit history, or for that matter, the ones who have had a relatively poor credit history may apply for these loans as well. For there are also Instant Pay Day Loans Providers who might as well pass your loan the very day for as long as you have a steady income and a Bank account.

Thus these Instant Decision Loans have come of great assistance in these times like no other.

Instant decision loan are available for small amounts that you intend to repay instantley. Apply for an instant decision loan online and look for a company that offers a transfer of funds directly to your bank.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Exchange your foreign exchange here at Post Office UK

Do you have to go to foreign exchange banks in order to get the foreign currency converted? Do you feel cheated when the bank deducts a part of your reserves in the name of transaction charged or pays you at a rate lesser than the current market rate?

Try post office exchange rate services offered by UK Post Office for a change. You will seriously like it. It is very easy to use and very convenient as far as converting foreign currencies into Euro is concerned. There is an online currency rate checker that lets you check the current rates for all other currency in terms of Euro. Foreign exchange conversion was never this easy!

Now you can travel to other countries without worrying about taking foreign currencies. With Post Office UK’s travellers Cheques you can pay anywhere any amount you want, but within the permissible limit on the cheque. These travellers are accepted virtually all over.

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You can get them directly at one of the branches of the post office UK or book them online and they will be delivered at your doorstep, without any shipping or delivering charges. There are no less than 12000 branches of Post Office UK in the country alone. So getting one of these traveller’s cheques is not going to be difficult at all.

So next time you are planning a vacation, don’t forget to take traveller’s cheques by Post Office UK. They come in quite handy.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

HSBC's mortgage market share up by 3%

HSBC has managed to raise its market share by 3% in the first 6 months of 2010. Recently the bank also announced its ore tax profits that reached the £7 billion mark. This figure has risen by £3.1 billion when compared to the past 6 months.

Mortgage lending in total has risen by 3% after December 31 2009 to £60 billion. The growth of this sector was stagnant for a certain period because of remortgaging as many borrowers wished to continue with their existing lenders. This was mainly because of incentives on low SVR deals.

Most of the new business that the bank got was from its own savings and current account holders. This helped them in a big way in emerging out of losses and capturing the market share. Its loan impairment charges and delinquencies in the mortgage sector also reduced largely in the first 6 months of 2010. HSBC’s delinquency rate for 2 months dropped from 1.4% in December 31 2009 to 1.3% in June 2010.

The bank has also launched a tracker mortgage that tracks at 1.69% more than the base rate of Bank of England. The booking fee costs £99. This rate would be available to customers until August 15, 2010 who have a minimum of 40% equity in their homes. Recently the bank has also introduced a 5 year fixed rate mortgage at 3.95% at a booking fee of £599. The bank claims of accepting 80% of mortgage applications it receives after proper verification.

HSBC is aiming at providing the best of security and competitive rates to its customers that is giving it an edge over other lenders.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Interest in Travel Insurance surging Amongst Brits

As per a research conducted by increasing number of Brits are taking interest in travel insurance. The people who used to take a travel insurance when traveling abroad are becoming more cautious and making sure that their insurer is covering maximum traveling risks. The ones who ignored travel insurance during their travel are applying for one before they travel.

As per the study around 20% of the British travelers are taking high interest in knowing what all risks their insurer covers and what all it ignores. 7% travelers are ready to pay a high price for their travel insurance, provided it gives them the right cover.

As the interest of travelers is increasing in the travel insurance policies a lot of insurers will be worried about selling their services. As the prime focus of travelers is on the coverage they provide and not the cheapest deal. They now want to travel with a high risk covering insurance rather than a cheaper one.

Amidst all this 10% of the travelers are ready to travel with the risks and refuse to buy a travel insurance for themselves.

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After the volcanic ash disruption in UK travelers and travel insurance providers are on a high alert. Travelers are looking out for insurers who give them maximum relief in case any such problem arises in future. The insurers on the other hand are calculating the risks and designing their policies accordingly.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brits spend £150m on credit card fees

As per the website, Britons spend around £150 million on late payment credit card charges every year.

The website conducted a research and found out that 1 out of 4 credit card holders pay extra as they fail to pay for a late payment. This accounted to almost 26% of the people. The result also showed that nearly 8.5% or 1 out of 11 people was charged a minimum of 3 times in a year. The average amount each every person paid as late payment charge was £12.

The findings of the research also showed that almost 57% of the credit card holders did not have a direct credit set up. A direct credit set up enables the credit card holders to pay the minimum amount of the repayment automatically. This is highly effective and can save a lot of money and late payment charges of the credit card holder.

Experts say that in times of financial crisis people are paying high amount of money towards their late repayments. If the payments are made on time or the minimum amount required to be paid is paid by having a direct credit set up then a lot of money can be saved and used for other purposes.

Currently the entire nation is wasting £150 million on charges that can be avoided if people are alert. Even if half the people using credit cards take necessary measures, a lot of money can be saved as ultimately it is the credit card companies who are making profits.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Immediate Cash Loans – Instant Solution for Cash related issues

As the month’s end draws near, you are burdened with an urgent car repair coupled with a medical emergency of one of your family member. With both these situations equally important, you are at a loss as to which problem should be treated with priority. To top it all, you are facing a shortage of funds leaving you in an even more perplexed state of affairs.

With immediate cash loans available, you can breathe easy and calmly face the situations in stride. The money lenders of cash loans very well understand your requirement of availing the cash at immediate notice and hence provide you with the same.

You are not required to visit a money lender or the financial institution personally. Simply log on to the Internet and conduct a search for online money lenders who would be interested to provide you with the same. As you search for them, request for an online quote as well. You could even collect these online quotes and conduct review on them to choose the most affordable immediate cash loan provider.

You need to consider the following criteria when availing an immediate cash loan

1. Rate of Interest
2. Repayment Term
3. Default Terms and Conditions
4. Approval and Credit Period
5. No credit check
6. No Collateral required

On the other hand, the lending party is likely to check you out on the following points
1. Age of the borrower – should be over 18 years of age
2. Resident of UK
3. Operate a bank account for over 3 months
4. Employment status

In case you find an immediate loan quote suitable and wish to apply for the same, you are required to submit the following details while filling up an online form. The details being

1. Your name and address details
2. Contact details
3. Bank Account details
4. Employment details

In case your loan application gets approved, your bank account will be credited within 24 – 48 hours. You can then proceed with using the immediate cash loan for the preferred purpose.

Availing immediate cash loans has become accessible and convenient. You are not required to physically visit couple of money lenders and asking for loans. Instead you can state your requirement online and wait for the response to it online. This further means you can apply for loans at a convenient time irrespective of the time of the day or the day itself. With almost immediate approval and shortest possible time taken to credit your bank account with the required finances, immediate cash loan do live up to their name.

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Guaranteed Loans for Unemployed - Avail the necessary funds at the right time

You are unemployed and in midst of an emergency….which requires a lot of money in order to stride over it. You need not worry as guaranteed loans for unemployed have become easily available these days. All you have to do is to visit online money lenders who will be ready to provide you with the required finance almost immediately.

There are many money lender sites which offer various kinds of loans very easily and immediately as well. You are required to furnish a few personal details such as your name, address, bank account details and so on. You need not even visit them personally or provide the reason for availing the loan. This means you save up on a lot of money, time and effort in availing the loan for the unemployed. With near instant approval of the guaranteed loans, you can begin planning and managing the use of loan money as desired by you.

There is no reason for you to feel skeptical or worry about non approval of your loan application on account of your non employment status. Most money lenders do not even run a check into your credit history or your credit rating. They simple furnish the money as required by you in the shortest possible time frame.

When availing guaranteed loans for unemployed becomes this easy, you do need to be doubly careful about their rates of interest, terms and conditions and repayment schedules. Of course, there are many online loan-offering websites which offer you with loans for the unemployed but you do need to opt for one which levies the lowest rate of interest. After all, the lower the interest rate the cheaper the loan works out for you.

Equally crucial is the repayment schedule which could be short term or a long term one. You do need to opt for the most convenient schedule in conjunction with the rate of interest which ensures timely repayment of the loans despite your unemployment status.

Online loans could be either secured loans or unsecured loans. You could have the option of offering collateral against your loan which makes it a secured one. But this also means in case of non repayment of loan, you run the risk of losing your collateral, though secured loans provide you with a larger loan amount. On the other hand, you could also avail of an unsecured loan such as a debit card loan and rest assured your assets are not at stake.

Guaranteed Loans for Unemployed simply make your day. Be the loan for your house, your car or even your holiday, you can always avail the guaranteed loan for unemployed and fulfill your desired task. At the same time, it is imperative for you to clearly and thoroughly check out all the terms and conditions along with repayment and rates of interest so that you are in better position to repay the loan on time and on schedule. Always bear in mind, in case of non repayment of Guaranteed Loans for Unemployed on time, the loan could increase your financial burden.

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